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So many have not seen the beauty that surrounds them. We visit the parks in western America many times a year and it is inconceivable to us that there are people who have never experienced being splash in a waterfall or viewed a scene that you wanted to walk into or awoke to the rustle of deer.  The parks are the real live thing and there is no substitute. Come experience the natural beauty that America has waiting for you.  We have compiled a list of 90 parks that are spectacular and we can guide you on exquisite routes between these parks.
Our naturalists love sharing their experience. 

Many of us feel that we are in G_d's temple as we visit these natural areas.  We are students of geology and are aware of the effects of the millennium.  However, we choose to think that the actions of sediments, wind and water are just G_d's artistic tools. You can not build a temple as large, as beautiful, and as awe inspiring as the great scenic beauty around us.

We have stayed in the park's grand hotels and in sleepy little stops along the way,  We have motorhomes and have slept in tents.  We a
ll have bear stories.  We have been chased by elk , had raccoons steal our stuff,  experienced prairie dogs begging for food and lived for a time where the buffalo roam.   

All of us have toured the parks extensively. Some have put packs on our backs and walked into the wilds of America. Not everyone has either the time or stamina to visit the parks this way, although if you do, you will get to see parts of our world most others will miss.

We are looking forward to helping you experience that best of America and have a vacation that you will remember for a life time.